An alternative to the Cyclists Dismount Sign

Corrugated tiles at different angles are sure to dismount any cyclist daft enough to attempt riding on this cycle path
George Riches

Government guidance on cycle infrastructure design (LTN 2/08) discourages the use of the CYCLISTS DISMOUNT sign, stating: "If it looks like the sign might be needed, practitioners should first check to see whether the scheme design could not first be modified to make its use unnecessary."

The practitioners of Coventry thought long and hard before modifying the design of this scheme at the junction of Brindle Avenue and Second Avenue. The standard tramline surface normally used to indicate the start of a segregated cycle path has been replaced by corduroy paving, which acts as a rut and tends to grab bicycle wheels. A second set of tiles arranged at a slight angle causes the front and rear wheels to head in different directions, thus ensuring that any cyclists attempting to ride along the path will be dismounted without the need for any signs.